QRTR Track Of The Week #24

22 April 2020

Tin Fingers – Red Socks

Tin Fingers is an alternative pop band based in Antwerp, Belgium – explosive but intimate, pessimistic but romantic, new but nostalgic, tender and cute but dark and dreamy. Let’s call it crooked pop music. Tin Fingers sound different yet familiar. Often reinventing themselves, from folk through psychedelic and indie to a more electronic, DIY, catchy and organic alternative pop.

‘Red Socks’ does not differ from the peculiar Tin Fingers style and is this week’s Track Of The Week.

This is what the band is saying about their new single:

“Red Socks, yeeeah, Red Socks! Don’t get heartbroken people. Put on your red socks laugh and shout. Dance away your fears and doubts! I believe in red socks, looks like you’re In love”

This uttermost happy track is an ode to simple, harmless and true love! Smile along while listening to this song.


Listen to Tin Fingers – ‘Red Socks’ in our Fresh Tunes playlist on your favorite streaming service.

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TOTW #26 Saux – Night Is All There Is

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TOTW #25 Jaguar Jonze – Rising Sun

TOTW #25 Jaguar Jonze – Rising Sun

After the release of her debut EP ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ on April 17th. Jaguar Jonze releaed a video for her track ‘Rising Sun’. “If Jaguar Jonze was a TV show, this would be the theme song.”

TOTW #23 Blanks – Dance Alone

TOTW #23 Blanks – Dance Alone

On April 10th the Dutch multi-talent Blanks released his new song ‘Dance Alone’. The song is the answer to the isolation and social landscape we all live in these days. A brilliant uptempo song with well put effects on the catching vocals of the young talent.