QRTR Track Of The Week #19

17 MARCH 2020

Darlyn – Can’t Fake It

Darlyn is a fresh 6-piece band from Amsterdam formed by friendship and a boundless passion for music. 

The band fled from the outside world in 2018 and retreated to a mental hospital to work on the foundation of their debut album ‘Was It A Dream’. It took them two weeks together with producer Ferdy van der Singel to dissect the DNA of the band. Not a year later the band dove back in the studio to finish their album.

The result was a peculiar sound based by a catchy mix of dreamy synths, a flowing rhythm section and violin melodies. Thanks to this the band creates a modern combination of roots, pop and authentic 60s and 70s music. Combined with the enchanting voice of frontwoman Diwa Meijman, Darlyn tells stories about romance, passion and life.    

This week’s Track Of The Week is the single ‘Can’t Fake It’, from their debut album ‘Was it A Dream’

The song is about a loving relationship but you already know everything from the other person. Thanks to this there are no surprises more and the relationship is becoming less exciting. This couple is standing still on a crossroad. Can we continue even if we know everything from each other, does there remain something to discover, or is it time for something new?

“Actually you are already in a grind together. You have a good relationship and you still love each other but you know in the back of your head that you want more. The urge for something new has become big. It is a hard decision because you don’t know who you are without the other.”

This song is Darlyn’s consideration

Listen to Darlyn – Can’t Fake It in our Morning Coffee playlist on your favorite streaming service.

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