QRTR Track Of The Week #11

14 AUGUST 2019

Áslaug – Take From Me

Sometimes you find musical gems like these on the right place and right time and Áslaug is one of them. Take From Me is a must-listen if you’re into moody indie pop. 

Áslaug Vigfúsdóttir (born August 11th, 1993) is an Icelandic singer, songwriter and music producer born in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Taking inspiration from artists like The Japanese House, HAIM and Lykke Li, Áslaug blends dreamy synth chords, polyphonic drifts of vocals and emotive drum builds for her debut single ‘Take From Me’: a chance for her to present the raw essence of her sound.  

“Ever since my youth, I used to be confident and bold in what I wanted to achieve, both in my personal life as well as in the dreams. Perhaps I was a bit naïve at the time, however I always wanted to try and develop myself and become better. When my fellow students would ask what I was planning on doing after completing my studies the answer would always be that I ‘was going to conquer the world’. I soon found out this was much harder than I thought it would be.”

After graduating at the Conservatory and recertification in Copenhagen Áslaug ended up feeling insecure about her musical career. “It felt as if nobody was waiting for whatever I was doing and I remember feeling really lonely at this point of my life”. She decided to take a side job and lock herself in her room, just focusing on writing music.

During this writing process, Áslaug found out that her creativity was not only to be found in writing songs or playing music. She also learned to appreciate the visual aspects of a song, for instance in music videos and photography.

“Focusing on the writing process gave me loads of time to think about who I really was as a musician, and I have been able to experiment a lot with sounds and genres. The ultimate goal is to create songs that are both catchy and credible, without generalizing and narrowing it down to one genre. One of my ultimate dreams would be to start a creative hub with likeminded people and create art together.”

Featured by Spotify on 11 New Music Fridays, grabbing love from well respected indie blogs and upvoted at Reddit, Áslaug is picking up on a massive scale, ready to be discovered by indie pop lovers. 

Take From Me is the first single of the upcoming self-titled EP by Áslaug to be released on January 10, 2020.

Listen to Áslaug – Take From Me in our Fresh Tunes playlist on your favorite streaming service.

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